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    TAMA's Metalworks “Effect” Series Mini-Tymps are ideal for adding a new sonic color to your kit. The Mini-Tymps produce a clear, sharp and percussive "crack" that gives drummers a new way to add dramatic accents to their playing, no matter what style of music. Metalworks “Effect” Series Mini-Tymps are available in three models and come with an L-rod (LLT)...

  • 1 649,00€

    Exploring limitless possibilities, Tama's result in the wake of countless experimentation came in the form of the hybrid shell: Walnut/Birch. This shell combination brings the superior quality warmth and mid-to-low frequency tone of the increasingly popular and truly unique Walnut, with the well-defined and uncompromisingly solid attack of Birch. This...

    1 649,00€
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