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TAMA Starclassic Maple 4-piece shell pack with 22" bass drum, Chrome Shell Hardware DEEPER PURPLE


In the '80s TAMA's Superstars and Imperialstars reigned supreme - the perfect drums for the times. But TAMA's builders and designers wanted something that transcended trends, something timeless - drums that understood a player's passion and allowed the expression of every genre, style, mood, and technique. They created Starclassic Maple drums...and ignited the thin-shell revolution. Numerous options are available to meet the varied and critical needs of professional drummers including a selection of more than 30 different shell sizes. Starclass

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- A Carton: 22"x16"BD, 10"x7"TT, 16"x16"FT / B Carton: 12"x8"TT - All Maple Shells, TT/FT: 6ply 5mm / BD: 8ply 7mm - Star-Cast Mounting System - Quick-Lock Tom Brackets - Die-Cast Hoops - Die-Cast Hoops - Air Cushioned Floor Tom Legs - Hold Tight™ Washer - Evans® Heads