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TAMA Superstar Classic 4-Piece kit with 18" Bass Drum & hardware pack INDIGO SPARKLE


For more than forty years, the Superstar name has stood for groundbreaking design, superior build quality, sterling tone, and clear projection. Superstar Classic once again upholds tradition by raising the bar for discerning drummers―and remarkably―does it at an extremely competitive price. Drawing on Superstar of the past, its classic TAMA T-shape badge and streamlined low-mass single lugs point to the simpler state of art of the 70's, while the ingenious Star-Mount system and new thinner gauge 100% maple shells eclipse anything in its cla

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- A Carton: 18"x14"BD, 14"x14"FT / B Carton: 12"x8"TT, 14"x5"SD, MTH900B Single Tom Holder - All-Maple Shells, TT/FT/SD: 6ply, 5mm / BD: 8ply, 7mm - Star-Mount System - Triple Flanged Hoop - Low-Mass Single Lugs - Claw Hooks w/Rubber Spacers - Power Craft II drum heads - Bass Drum Lifter - Classic Tama T-badge - SM5W Hardware pack